Accounts Receivable Software

The Accounts Receivable module is the Base Module for the Office Center child care software program. Office Center's Accounts Receivable software program was created solely for the childcare profession. Over the years, we have listened and learned from child care center owners and directors and have incorporated so much into this child care program!

The Accounts Receivable module, as the "heart" of the Child Care Management Software program, serves all of your Accounts Receivable accounting needs as well as providing you with a full database for your Family and Child Records. We call this Value Modular Pricing!   Other vendors normally separate these two and sell them as individually priced modules.

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Enrollment Forms: Enrollment forms record both parents' names, addresses, phone numbers, employer information, and work numbers. Enrollment forms will accommodate both parents and up to four children per form. Enrollment card information is automatically shared throughout the program to generate mailing lists, contact information, sibling information, file status, etc.

Automated "One Button" Billing (tuition posting):

This is your biggest time saver! Best of all, once you set up the initial billing schedule for each family, you do not have to think about tuition charges ever again! Just point and click! Automatic, fast, easy and accurate! You just freed yourself up to spend time on other things. Office Center's automated billing accommodates even the most "creative" tuition and fee schedules. Each family may be billed differently, or tuitions can be grouped for automated bulk posting. For instance, users simply tell the program how to bill each family. Then, run an automated billing. Office Center will automatically read each family's billing instructions, post their charges to their ledger cards, update their balance, and prepare statements -- all in less that 1 minute. Office Center even makes variable billings (by the hour, day, drop-in, etc.) push-button easy. Office Center for Windows offers an exclusive "Bill these Now" feature which will allow you to automatically bill a specific family at the push of a button. "Bill these Now" is especially helpful when billing drop-in care. Just type in how many hours the child was there and "Bill these Now" will automatically calculate attendance, multiply it by the rate and display an immediate total.

Agency Billing: Office Center offers a sophisticated agency tracking and billing program. Office Center will track agency tuitions separate from the parent co-pay portion of the tuition. Agency or third-party subsidies are automatically recorded and posted per Agency pay schedules.

Parent Statements: Office Center automatically prepares parent statements. Statements can also be defaulted to fit window envelopes.


Immunization Tracking: Instead of going through record after record to determine which families are current or who is overdue, or even who is going to become due soon, Office Center has made this process extremely easy for you. Office Center allows the user to customize the immunization master table to meet your state's requirements. Then, Office Center internally "ages" children to ensure all immunization information is kept to-the-date accurate for each child. The program generates reports of full immunization histories, check lists, and overdue reports. Office Center for Windows prominently displays a colored button (or flag indicator) of a Hypodermic Needle on the child's page, indicating a shot is due. Simply click on the colored needle and immunization information is displayed in color - if a vaccination is due within 30 days, it will be highlighted in green; if a shot is overdue, it will be highlighted in pink.

Medication Tracking: Tracks medication required, distribution, and schedule. Uses a Pill Bottle flag.

Allergy Tracking: Keeps track of each child's allergies. Uses a Bee & Flower flag.

Child Alert Buttons: Four different "flags" or alert buttons simplify Immunization, Medication & Allergy Tracking and Special Conditions.

Family Notes: Unlimited notes may be kept on any family. Notes may be queried for key words. For example, forget which child broke out in a rash? Query the family notes for "rash" and Office Center brings that file to the screen.

Children's Schedules: Displays children's current schedule, classroom, and program with in/out and days of attendance. Schedules may be preset, allowing the user to "pick" schedules.

Exclusive Date-Activated Future Schedules: Displays when new schedule, including any classroom and/or program changes are to go into effect (when child moves from one program to another, when a child ages, etc.).

Database Reports: Office Center comes out-of-the-box ready with dozens of built-in reports, forms, and letters which can be filtered in a variety of ways to meet user needs. Here are a few of the many built-in database reports: Enrollment forms, Allergy reports, Emergency reports, Birthday reports, Class Schedules, Center Directory, Emergency cards, General lists, lists by track code (child tracking, family tracking), Agency tracking, Mailing labels, Bus Run sheets, Query Family Notes, Sign-in and -out sheets, Roll Call Sheets, Total Enrollment Reports, Agency Enrollment Reports.

Accounting Reports: Office Center's built-in accounting reports may be filtered to display and print information for any specified range of dates. This is not a complete listing of the Accounts Receivable reports, as many of the reports offer a variety of additional options. Aging Reports (parents and agency), Balance Reports (parents and agency), Full Charge/Credit Summaries, Individual Summaries (parent year-end reports; Agency year-end reports), Income Forecasts, Deposit Records (current and total), Deposit Slips, Ledger Activity Reports, Transaction Summaries.

Marketing Reports: Waiting lists management (by class, by program, by age, etc.), First Contact Lists, Visit Lists, Advertising (track which advertising generates the most enrollment).

User-defined Reports: Users may create dozens of their own user-defined reports. Like the built-in reports, user-defined reports may be filtered a variety of ways to meet user's needs.

User-defined Fields: Users may add their own custom information. Office Center will record these "data fields", which can then be used in our built-in reports, forms and letters, or can be pulled into user's own custom-designed reports.

Color Printing and Fonts: Office Center for Windows Only: Allows the user to select fonts for letterhead, report headers, and report data. Users may select and print in color - mixing and matching fonts and color for a truly custom look.

Enhanced Printing Capabilities: Office Center will support any printer setup. Windows only users may print in traditional portrait or in landscape mode. Reports that are very wide will automatically print in landscape to allow ease of use in reading the information .

Built-in Network Compatibility: Office Center may be used as a stand-alone system or on a network, sharing information between computers. Office Center will support any network environment.

Program Security - User Access Restrictions: Office Center offers the strongest program security features available, allowing owners to designate who may access each menu item of the program. Office Center is a modular-based system. Owners may restrict who may go into each module and what they may/may not do once there. Owners are further protected through full audit trail features and the ability to "query" ledger cards for activity.

Audit Trail "Locking": Security is enhanced further and record integrity is protected with features that allow the owner to set an audit date (lock the program for entries before a given date while "books" are closed by month-end, year-end, FY year-end, reports are generated).  Individual charge/credit categories may be "locked", preventing Owner-mandated rates from being changed.

Year-end Closing: Office Center has a built-in Year-End Closing feature so that centers can "close out" books at the end of the year. Year-End Closing backs up older data to diskettes so that information can be retrieved at any time.

Fully Integrated Program Features: Office Center is a fully integrated program. Any information entered into the various modules is automatically shared to the other modules, as needed, for comprehensive reports and accuracy (no re-keying of information, reducing the margin of error and saving time). Centers with the full accounting program need only enter information into the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, or Payroll modules. Those modules automatically "link" to the appropriate General Ledger Accounts. We customize the Chart of Accounts with users to ensure information is "linked" to proper G/L accounts to generate Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, etc.

Built-in Backup: Office Center has built-in backup. Within seconds, your data is backed up to a diskette or other storage device. This way, if computers are stolen or stop working, data can be "restored" quickly and completely.

Office Center Child Care Software allows you to get your work completed quickly & efficiently by "Skipping with open forms" everywhere in its program. This eliminates the necessity of constantly Opening and Closing an endless number of screens with a matching number of mouse clicks.

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