Daycare Attendance Tracking Software

Daycare Attendance Tracking For Student Attendance.  Office Center Handles California 9400, 801-A And Other State And Federal Agency Attendance Reporting Requirements

Tracking the student attendance for the California 9400 forms and for other state and federal reporting requirements is made easy in Office Center.   Office Center provides attendance tracking and reporting tools that handle scheduling and track attendance just the way daycare centers like - simple, easy, and totally flexible.    Office Center can generate a variety of state and federal oriented attendance reports.  It can total the number of 1/4 day, 1/2 day, 3/4 day, Full day and Full Day plus attendance for your center.  When combined with our Corporate Multisite package, Office Center can total the attendance for a whole group of centers that operate under  common contracts.   Not only can Office Center total the 9400 attendance for a single center, the Corporate Multisite program allows Office Center to report the cumulative totals for multiple different state and federal contracts that are managed at multiple centers. 

The state eligibility determination is simple in Office Center.  All you do is plug in the family size and monthly income and Office Center will calculate their eligibility for you.   The program tracks FIPS and Social Security numbers for parents and allows you to track Title 20 families as well.  The Attendance Tracking program tracks the data necessary and prints the reports for the California 9400 and California 801-A forms.

It has never been easier for day care centers to schedule and track the attendance of children with Attendance Tracking Software from Office Center.  With our Attendance Tracking Software, you eliminate the time-consuming use of paper and pencil and spreadsheets along with the frustrations that accompany them.

Office Center's attendance tracking software can work autonomously from, or in conjunction with our Timeclock software.  If you already have our Timeclock software, the children's attendance records can be used to compute the child's actual attendance.   Office Center can also use the child's schedule to calculate their attendance, and allows for easy modifications of attendance when a child deviates from their normal schedulule.

9400 and 801-A Reporting

The Attendance Tracking Module comes with built in reports for the 9400 and 801-A California state forms.  It can easily be adapted to other states and will handle multiple state and federal contracts.

Exclusive Date-Activated Future Schedules

Office Center not only tracks a child's current schedule, it also allows you to plan for future schedule changes in advance.   These schedule changes are then calculated into future attendance reports on the fly so you don't have to think about it. 

Estimate Attendance From Children's Schedules

Office Center Attendance Tracking software makes it push-button easy for children's attendance to be scheduled and tracked for accurate state and federal reporting records.

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