Child Care Corporation Management Software

Corporate child care Multi-Site Management Software is designed to simplify and facilitate the data collection, management needs, and the cumulative reporting requirements of a diverse group of childcare centers in a Corporate environment. It provides a comprehensive database for ALL child and day care facilities, sophisticated communication tools, and the management and control features necessary to streamline multi-site management of child and day care centers.


It enables any Authorized corporate executive the opportunity to look at any family record at any child or day care facility, right from their own desk!

Terminals Services, and our "Smart Client" Application Design

Office Center combines the best of both worlds and provides for maximum flexibility in the corporate environment.  It's "Smart Client" design combines the network resources of a "Centralized" Data Collection Server at Corporate Headquarters with the benefit of enabling individual child care centers to continue working "Off-line" for maximum productivity and maximum flexibility at the individual child care center level. With a "Smart Client" design, you centrally manage, control, and deploy information from Corporate Headquarters while greatly reducing overhead and strain on limited MIS and IT resources throughout your corporation.

"Smart Client" Benefits

  • Enables Corporations to make faster corporate decisions where and when they may be necessary, with current, up-to-date data.
  • Increased productivity at the center level using familiar user interfaces throughout the entire Corporate structure.
  • Reduces training costs by standardizing on a unified user interface used by everyone. Office Center even supplies data into Excel applications and into Word.
  • Increased Security by providing Corporate management the ability to make changes, lock in rates, lock in Audit Dates, and insure against "Cooking the Books."
  • Back up individual site data easily and record it at Corporate Headquarters with Office Center's built-in Back-Up system.
  • Reduces the demands for added MIS or IT staffing.
  • Corporate data is stored safely at corporate headquarters and not at risk at a questionable third party site
  • Update the child care software at EACH center directly from the Corporate office.
  • Eliminate the cost and necessity of having an "Always On" High Speed data connection at each child care center .

"Smart Client" One-Touch Data Transmission

Centers that are connected via terminal services are updated in real time.  Even centers that use the smart client features of Office Center can, at the touch of a single buttonor even fully automatically transmit their data directly to corporate headquarters, where that information then becomes available to create cumulative reports across your entire corporate structure. This information is then available to Regional Directors as well. It can group data and report it by regions as well, if desired.

"Smart Client" One-Touch Back Up

Individual child care centers that run Office Center remotely, can simply and automatically transmit their center's information to the "Centralized" Corporate server, where it can also be used for Back-Up for an individual center's records in case of an emergency. No more worries about individual child care centers having backed up their data properly.

Database Management Features for Childcare Corporations

Office Center runs on Windows Terminal Services and can run as a VPN application for centers that have high speed network access.  It also facilitates a mixed center scenario where some center utilize our smart client software (run our software on their local hard drive), whereas other locations run our software over the network using Terminal Services.   Corporate Multisite also track information about your centers.  Just as our Accounts Receivable module tracks information related to each family you work with, the Corporate Multisite Management Software tracks information related to each of your child care or day care facilities. It keeps track of the physical addresses, phone numbers, director name and address, license capacity, emergency information about the local fire and police departments, and nearest hospital. In addition, Corporate Multisite Software tracks license renewal dates, total enrollment information, operating hours of each facility, hardware and software information about each location, and when data was last transmitted to the Corporate headquarters. You can even add notes to each site folder that can be separated by topic. Corporate Center serves as a single data collection point that everyone in the corporate and regional offices can share and refer to. If you need to know which child care facilities are up for license renewal next month, you need only run a report. It's just that easy!

Data Transmission Tools

Data transmission tools are also included in this upgrade and allow your child care centers to press the Satellite Dish icon from the main Office Center menu. Data is then transmitted to the corporate office via the internet to an FTP server, direct modem to modem (site to server) protocols, or transmitted over a wide area network, or to a virtual private network.

Cumulative Reporting Capabilities

Corporate Multi-Site Management Software comes complete with a number of built-in cumulative reporting capabilities. Corporate and regional directors can print a list of every customer with a balance greater than a specified amount from every location. It can print the total number of active, inactive, and potential children at each facility, and total these by region or for all child care centers. It can print monitoring reports that tell how many accounts at each location have a balance greater than the deposit on file for that family. It can print ledger activity information for any time frame listing each site and can break all these reports down by region on tracking item. It also prints mailing labels and even lets you create customized reports as well. These reporting tools provide the overview information necessary to make informed decisions about the financial management of each center, right from Corporate headquarters with up-to-date information.

Corporate Management and Control Features

Corporate Management Software also provides managers and regional directors with many important tools for working with centers remotely. It is possible to change user security at each site from the corporate or regional office, or set company "audit dates" that prevent remote sites from deleting data from previous accounting periods. The corporate office can control and update tuition rates for each location as well and "push" updates to the Office Center program to each site automatically. This ensures that the corporate office can impose tight security at each location and have the management tools it needs to effectively coordinate and audit each location without the necessity to have an extensive MIS or IT department for each childcare center.

Simple and Elegant Corporate Data Management

Corporate and regional users will now have access to the same information that each site has, plus a whole lot more. They can navigate to any family at any of the childcare locations just by pressing the right mouse button to click on magnifying glass to select families, and by right clicking on the same icon to select a specific site location from the list of your child care centers.

With just a mouse, corporate officers can access any child care center and any family data at any child care center.


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