Immunization Tracking Software

By tracking early childhood immunizations with the use of Immunization Tracking Software from Office Center, you track immunizations and vaccinations before they can cause problems at your Child Day Care Center. All Immunization, Medication, Vaccination and Allergy tracking is included in our "Base Module" Accounts Receivable as part of our Value Modular Pricing.

Instead of going through record after record to determine which families are current and what child is overdue for immunizations or even who is going to become due soon, Office Center has made this process extremely easy for you.

Office Center allows the user to customize the master table to meet your particular state's immunization requirements. Office Center will then internally "age" children to ensure all immunization information is kept to-the-date accurate for each child. The Child Immunization Software tracks and generates reports of full immunization histories, checklists, and overdue reports.

Office Center for Windows prominently displays a colored button (or Flag Indicator) of a Hypodermic Needle on the child's page indicating that a shot is due. Simply click on the colored needle and immunization information is displayed in color; if a vaccination is due within 30 days, it will be highlighted in green; if a shot is overdue, it will be highlighted in pink.

Medication and Allergy Tracking

Office Center for Windows tracks all medications required, distribution and schedule of each and prominently displays a colored button (Flag Indicator) of a Pill Bottle on each child's file who needs medication. Simply by clicking on the Pill Bottle, the medication and distribution is automatically listed.

Immunization Tracking Software from Office Center

Immunization Tracking Software from Office Center keeps track of each child's allergies as well. Allergies are automatically recorded on Emergency Cards. Lists may be generated by specific allergies. For instance, are you serving pudding cups? Simply run a list of who is allergic to milk.

Office Center for Windows will display a colored button of a Bee and a Flower on a child's page if an allergic condition exists. By clicking on the Bee and Flower, the allergy information is automatically displayed.

In addition to the above 3 child alert buttons (Flags), there is a fourth one, that of a Horn Speaker. All buttons are displayed in a faded grey if no special condition exists. If a condition does exist, the button is displayed in a vivid color to alert you.

The fourth Horn Button is to alert you to those families that have a special condition that requires your awareness to the matter. For instance, you may have a situation where there is a Court Order that a specific person is NOT allowed to pick up a child.

Child Immunization, Medication, and Allergy Tracking Software is included in the Basic Accounts Receivable module of the Office Center Child Care Management Software Program at no extra cost.

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P.S. It will also save you time and money.