Child Care Software Features

Equally important as the features included in child & day software is the way these features are accessed. Office Center Child Care Software was designed to eliminate the endless repetition of Opening then Closing numerous numbers of screens with similar numbers of mouse clicks. By "Skipping with Open Forms" everywhere in its program, you avoid the time wasted by the above tasks. This elegant design allows you to not only get your work done quicker with less confusion but it also avoids getting lost when you are interrupted by a child crying or when the telephone rings.

Included Software Features:

Immunization Tracking
Vaccination Tracking
Medication Tracking
Allergy Tracking
Child Alert Flags
Family Notes
Dozens of Built-in Database Reports

Accounting Reports:

Some of these numerous reports include:

  • Aging Reports, parents and agency
  • Balance Reports, parents and agency
  • Full Charge/Credit Summaries
  • Individual Summaries, parent Year-End Reports
  • Agency Year-End Reports
  • Income Forecast
  • Deposit Reports, current and total
  • Deposit Slips
  • Ledger Activity Reports
  • Transaction Summaries
  • Many other customizable accounting reports  

Marketing Reports

  • User-Defined Reports easily created
  • User-Defined Fields for Custom Reports
  • Color Printing and Fonts
  • Enhanced Printing Capabilities
  • Program Security - User Access Restrictions
  • Audit Trail "Locking"
  • Year-End Closing
  • Fully Integrated Program Features
  • Built-In Data "Back-Up"
  • FREE Technical Support
  • Toll-Free Support Calls
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

These are just a few key features available, but equally important to the features Office Center offers is how you access all of the included important reports, data, and tools. The child care software program is designed and arranged to think the way you would. It couldn't be more clear or easier to operate a child care software program!

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Each Office Center software module has numerous other features included as well. Please feel free to have us call you back by simply clicking on our Hot-Line Callback button below if you need further assistance for other child care software module features.