Child & Day Care Software

Child & Day Care Software from Office Center provides the best software solution for child & day care providers and child care centers for the complexities of child care billing, attendance of staff and children, immunization tracking, food program and accounting problems as well.

All the extensive recordkeeping required for child care is automatically integrated into the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software program called Office Center.

When comparing the best selling child care software vendors during the last 22 years, over 9000 child care providers chose Office Center child care software from Emerging Technologies to run their child care centers.

Included among those child care professionals are the U. S. Military, NASA, and hundreds of schools and many entire school districts in the State of Florida.

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Robust Child Care Center Software Program

Office Center's child care software users, worldwide, are one reason for the comprehensive and fully developed child care software program and your best assurance that you can count of Office Center to handle all your child care problems simply and with ease.

The Office Center child care software program is designed specifically for child and day care providers to make their work easier and their lives more stress-free.

Whether you have a family home day care, a small child care center, a larger care facility, own multiple child care centers, or have Corporate child care regions, Office Center has flexible child care solutions to fit your needs -- all affordably priced!

We are operating in individual child and day care environments, church or temple faith-based child care centers, Montessori and private schools, hospitals, child care corporation chains, military environments, and many schools and school districts in worldwide conditions.

Free Customer Support

Our philosophy at Emerging Technologies has always been to give honest-to-goodness FREE customer service on our toll-free number. This simply means Unlimited FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT, and we value customer satisfaction so much that we offer an "Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee" -- unlike other child care software vendors.

Ready for a FREE DEMO?

We offer a FREE CD Demo of Office Center for your trial. You can either use the included sample data or use data from your own center. You can use any of our hundreds of built-in reports, or create custom reports of your own with our custom report generator. You can even export to Microsoft Excel or Word!

Your Sales Representative will be happy to walk you through the Demo Setup to answer your questions and display all features so you don't miss a thing.

If you have any questions about Office Center's child care software program, click below for an instant callback for immediate answers.