Child Care Time and Attendance Tracking

By tracking time and attendance of both children and staff with Office Center software, you eliminate many time-consuming child and day care record-keeping chores. Track child and staff arrival times, time spent in attendance, and track their daily schedules and their checkout times and automatically record and track them in the Accounts Receivable Program.

Time and Attendance Tracking for Employees

Automating employee attendance tracking with Office Center child care software will help your child care center significantly reduce employee payroll preparation time and eliminate the manual process of using employee time cards.

By using time and attendance software, you eliminate the time cards, supervisor approvals, time consuming calculations for hours worked, overtime hours, and employees' questions over the accuracy of the amounts.

Time Clock Time and Attendance Hardware

Some of the hardware options available for use with the Office Center Time Clock Accounting/Attendance are listed below. The costs stated below are for hardware only.  All hardware sales are final.  The hardware configurations below reflect only some of the options available for use with the Time Clock module. The costs listed are for hardware only.

  1. The touch-screen MiniPC displays a colorful touch screen for parents/staff to touch numbers directly on the monitor to check in/out the children.  Displays messages to parents.  Wireless network connection allows the keypad to be located anywhere in your facility.  Estimated Hardware Costs: $150.
  2. 2nd Computer - Stand Alone Station This may be the most economical choice if you have an extra computer available to you. Parents simply code in and out on the keyboard. The monitor displays center-wide or personal messages. Please speak to your sales representative for networking options and other data transfer options.
  3. Smart Keypad - Small An attractive keypad dressed up with cartoon characters.  Connects to USB or serial connection.  No network required.  Approx. Hardware Costs: $469.
  1. Smart Keypad - Large The same as a small keypad, but with a Larger digital display for messages. Approx. Hardware Costs: $599 (table top) $625 (Wall Mount).
  2. Smart Keypad - Secure Facility Door Release Same as large keypad, but automatically unlocks and releases the door when a valid code is entered. Approx. Hardware Costs: $725.

Time Clock Accounting

Emerging Technologies proudly offers a variety of real solutions to eliminate the drudgery of totaling student hours and calculating charges based on attendance: Time Clock Accounting. Even the most complicated billing schemes can be easily accommodated by the flexible billing methods available. Directors/Owners will love this system of automated billing! All of the hardware arrangements listed below automatically interfaces with the Accounts Receivable and Payroll Programs.


Multiple billing methods
Post hourly and/or flat rates based on attendance
Separate parent and agency tuition calculations
Apply percentage-based discounts and charges
Separate after-hours (Late Pickup) calculations
Group check-in and check-out by staff
List children currently in the facility
Leave universal on-screen messages and/or specific messages to individuals
Report actual hours of attendance by classroom
Track which individual checks in and out each child
Full network compatibility

Time is an irreplaceable resource

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