Church Child Care Software

Church Child Care Software from Office Center provides the software tools to organize and manage church-sponsored child and daycare centers with ease.

Churches, like businesses, also have business needs. With church and faith-based organizations being the largest provider of child care and day care in the world today, the needs of managing not only the business accounting end, but also the many family and child records, grows for the churches as well.

Office Center is a totally integrated professional accounting and management software program designed specifically for church child care and daycare centers and their needs.

Easy to Understand and Use Church Child Care Software

Whether you have never operated a computer before or you use computers on a daily basis, you will find Church Child Care Software from Office Center to be extremely easy to both understand and to use.

From the time that you receive our Free DEMO disk, you will have our unmatched attention and support from the day you set up with our TOLL-FREE Tech Support when you have a question or need help.

Where else will you find this kind of support?

Office Center will handle ALL of your preschool, child care or daycare center's billing, scheduling, record keeping, and accounting needs and will do it with total flexibility for a wide array of tuition and rate charges for various age groups, part time, full time, or drop in students as well as family financial considerations.

Agency Billing Software

Church Childcare Software from Office Center will also handle child care centers using agency billings and payments with ease for those families that need financial assistance.

Our church child care software makes all of these various billing challenges extremely simple, with automatic statements to parents AND separate statements billed to Agencies - all this with a single click on automatic billing.

If your church is considering a new child care software program to help manage a growing child care center, you owe it to yourself to try Office Center's Child Care Software. Find out why over 9000 child care centers have purchased Office Center Software during the last 22 years to manage their centers. Not only do we offer the Best Value in Child Care Software, we also value our customers. From Initial Setup onward, we take the time to be with you to simplify your training process. Always FREE!

We offer Free Unlimited technical support to help you get Office Center set up easily and smoothly. Office Center also has a 30-day money back guarantee, so it is totally Risk-Free!

We know that many church groups would like to order Office Center right now, but that you need to have the Church Administrative Board give Final Approval.

They need to know just what you need to properly manage your Church Child Care Center and after requesting a full, working DEMO, you can show them all the wonderful things that Office Center will do for your center.

We will also work within your budget to set up a Payment Plan to make it easier for you, if needed.

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