Day Care Accounting Software

Accounting Software is critical for the financial well-being of your child daycare center for billing, attendance, scheduling, bookkeeping and all record keeping. Office Center's Day Care Accounting Software modules are integrated automatically into the Daycare Accounts Receivable program to provide comprehensive financial reports for all of your daycare center's accounting needs.

Our Daycare Accounting Software Program will handle all billings in the Accounts Receivable Program and the Accounts Payable, Payroll Accounting, and General Ledger Modules will all seamlessly integrate into the base Accounts Receivable program so that you only need to enter data once anywhere in the program to have a unified financial picture of your center.

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Integrated Accounting for Non Accountants! 

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable program is designed to manage your bills quickly and efficiently. This will significantly reduce the time you spend tracking and recording your day care expenses. Accounts Payable manages the vendor database, payment terms, payment history, and expense categories. There are many useful built-in reports as well as the option of creating your own custom, user-defined reports without having to buy and learn a third party Report Generator software program!


Vendor Information Forms: Including number, contact name, web site, e-mail, and cell number
List of Products
User-defined fields
Expense tracking
Post charges to multiple expense accounts
Post payments from multiple bank accounts
Balance information
Payment terms
Next payment, including amount and due date
Printable checks
Folder notes
Program Security

Payroll Accounting

As with all of the Office Center modules, Payroll Accounting will simplify the day-to-day tasks of managing your daycare facility. Office Center maintains the highest level of professional quality while providing the most user-friendly design to save you time and money every day.

Payroll manages the full Employee Information Database and all of the accounting aspects of payroll features that are normally sold by other daycare vendors as separate modules. Again, there are numerous built-in reports along with the option of creating custom, user-defined reports.


All Employee Information Forms: Including Title, Function, Department, and Emergency Contacts
Employee Schedules
Track training requirements
Employee notes
Categorize payroll hours
Accrue vacation & sick Hours
Record and deduct payroll advances
Record pay rate
Apply additional tax and/or pre-tax withholding
Calculate payroll by schedule or by timecard
Automatically calculate overtime
Automatically deduct all withholdings

General Ledger

The daycare General Ledger Accounting program ties all the daycare software modules together to create a single-entry daycare accounting software system. It directly integrates with the other software modules and provides income statements, budget comparisons, and other important reports to provide you with a complete financial overview of your business.


Customizable Chart of Accounts
Month, Quarter, and Year-End Closings
No third-party accounting program required
No third party payroll program required

No longer do you have to learn a third-party accounting software program and worry about where to call when you have a Technical Support question or a problem. Office Center has always had Toll-Free Technical Support when it is needed, and it is NOT limited to 30-90 days as with other daycare software vendors.

Find out why, during the past 15 years, in Head to Head comparisons of the Top Four day care software vendors, over 9000 day care professionals chose Office Center software for their day care accounting needs. Those users included NASA, the U.S. Military and many School Districts in the State of Texas, California and Florida.

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