Daycare Management Software

Could 9000 daycare center managers have been wrong in choosing Office Center Daycare Management Software for their daycare management and daycare accounting needs?

During the last 15 years, in "Head-to-Head" comparisons of the TOP FOUR Daycare Management Software vendors, over 9000 daycare managers chose Daycare Management software by Emerging Technologies to manage their day care centers for all of their day care centers' extensive record keeping requirements.

Included in the above are the U. S. Military, NASA, hundreds of schools, and many entire School Districts in the State of Florida, California and Texas.

Daycare Management Software "Ease-Of-Use"

The elegance of Daycare Management Software from Emerging Technologies is easily evaluated by simply counting the number of mouse clicks and the number of screens that you have to enter and exit in other software vendors' programs in order to enter Family Data for a family of four. Repeat the process with Office Center, and simply compare the counts on each. Simply put:

"Count the clicks and count the screens. You'll soon see what Easy means."

You will never get lost having to memorize a sequence of steps in a software program only to be interrupted by a child crying or an important phone call right in the middle of your work.

The biggest timesaver that you have in the Office Center day care management software program is the ability to "Skip with Open Forms" instead of having to close a particular screen, go to another one, and then open it up for viewing.

Unlike other vendors, this capability is extended throughout the Office Center Daycare Management Software program to simplify navigation, speed up data entry, and make it easier to understand and use. No more forgetting where you are in a program or what steps you need to do next!

This simplified elegance in the design of Office Center enables you to better utilize the time saved when teaching and training an assistant the daycare management software used by your center.

Our daycare management program offers a proven, reliable, professional, stress-free management software system that handles all child, family, and employee tracking, scheduling, billing, record keeping, and accounting with unmatched ability to customize it to match your specific daycare center's needs.

May we send you a Free Working Demo of our daycare management software that you can input data from your own center and try it out for 90 days? It will organize your center, simplify your life and make it easier and less stressful while saving you time & money.