Time Billing Software

Time Billing Software from Office Center will track both daycare time and attendance as well as handle all hourly billing, family billing, and agency billing in its Base Module, Accounts Receivable.

Accounts Receivable was designed to provide the organizational structure to help you set up your daycare center in an orderly & professional way. Our Value Modular Pricing combines many features that other software vendors separate into individually priced modules.

Click Here for a more expanded list of some of the many features that are included and combined in our Accounts Receivable module "Value Pack". 

Automated Billing

This is your biggest time saver. Best of all, once you set up the Initial Billing Schedule for each family, you never have to think about it ever again! You simply point and click! Simple, one button billing is automated, fast, easy, and accurate. It'll leave you wondering why you ever waited so long to automate your child or day care center.

Agency Billing

Office Center offers a sophisticated agency tracking and billing program. Office Center will track agency tuitions separately from the Parent co-pay portion of the tuition. Agency or third party subsides are automatically recorded and posted per Agency pay schedules.

Organization of financial information such as child attendance, employee hours worked, parent billing, discounts, or government assistance for each family or child are simplified with time billing software from Office Center.

Office Center software allows you the opportunity to automate your child or day care center record keeping without investing a lot of money initially. As your business grows, more features can be added, so you're only paying for what you'll use.

The tracking of ALL daycare times for both children and employees, as well as all family billing and Agency billing are included in its ONE VALUE module, Accounts Receivable!

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