Daycare Software

Office Center Daycare Software was designed for daycare providers and daycare centers of all sizes, including home daycares, small and larger day care centers, multi-site daycares, and includes Corporate day care chains. Daycare Software from Emerging Technologies is called Office Center. It is a first-rate, professional, fully developed daycare software program designed to help you organize and manage your day care center needs.

Our Base Starter Module is called "Accounts Receivable."

All time tracking, billing and record keeping originates in this module as it is the foundation for the entire day care software program. Other software vendors prefer to divide them into separate and individually priced modules. We call this combining of features Value Modular Pricing.

With daycare software from Office Center, not only will you be able to keep accurate records for your families and generate reports such as sign-in and sign-out sheets, roll call sheets, birthday lists, schedules, bus lists, emergency information, etc., but you will also be able to design and create your own reports using our built-in Custom Report Generator.

Daycare Software Flexibility

With Office Center daycare software, you get an important tool to handle your tuition charges along with your billing. Office Center will automatically charge each family's individual tuition amounts at the touch of a button. If you have families in your center that require third-party financial assistance, Office Center will handle these needs with ease. Office Center will also do direct billing for multiple agencies when required.

Emerging Technologies developed Office Center over 22 years ago. Since then, we have continued to develop our daycare software program and add to it, the suggestions of thousands of daycare directors, managers, and owners. This means that the program you buy today will be packed with features and capabilities that you may find helpful in the future as your grow your daycare center. You can be assured that it has all the flexibility needed to handle your daycare center's specific needs, now and in the future.

What will you get with Office Center? Not only will you get an affordable and flexible daycare software program that was specifically designed for child and day care-related functions, you will also get a company that will work with you through the setup process. Our customer service is Prompt, Professional, and FREE. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That is why we offer Unlimited, Toll-Free technical assistance and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We invite you to get our FREE DEMO CD. Call us now, take a look for yourself, input data from your own center into our program and try it out... We know you will love it!

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