Payroll Software

Payroll software, along with all of the other Office Center modules, will simplify the day-to-day tasks of managing your child or day care center. Office Center maintains the highest level of professional quality while providing the most user-friendly design that eliminates having you wade through opening and closing an endless amount of screens in order to get the job done. With Office Center payroll software you save time and money every day!

Payroll software from Office Center manages the full employee information database AND all of the accounting aspects of payroll. These features are normally sold by other vendors as individually priced modules but are incorporated into the Payroll Software Module as part of our Value Payroll program to save you both time and money!

With Office Center there is NO need to buy and learn a separate Payroll program like Quick Books Payroll in order to manage your child or day care center!

Custom Payroll Reports

Again, there are numerous built-in reports that should serve your child or day care payroll needs with the option of creating custom, user-defined reports when desired using our built in Custom Report Generator. There is NO need to buy and learn a Third Party report generator like Crystal Reports.   If you just so happen to be a pro at developing reports in Crystal Reports or other third party tools, rest assured that you have the ability to work directly with our databases. 


Total Employee Information Forms (Includes Title, Function, Department, and Emergency Contacts)
Employee Schedules
Track Training Requirements
Employee Notes
Employee Time Cards
Categorize Payroll Hours
Accrue Vacation and Sick Hours
Record and Deduct Payroll Advances Record Pay Rate, Exemptions, and Withholding
Calculate Payroll by Schedule or by Time Card
Automatically Calculate Overtime
Automatically Deduct all Withholding W-2 Forms

Take our Child Care Payroll Program on a test run and see just how much Office Center's Payroll Program can save you in time and effort while reducing your stress in running your child care center.

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