Child Day Care Center Software

Unlike other child and day care software vendors that break their child or daycare center software into many separate and individually priced "modules", Emerging Technologies has chosen to incorporate many of the most widely desired child and day care features into ONE value priced software module called Office Center's "Accounts Receivable."  We call this "Value Modular Pricing."

Included in Office Center's Accounts Receivable module is time tracking software for both children, and employees, immunization and allergy tracking software, day care scheduling software which includes Future Schedules and all billing software for family and Agency billing and parent payment tracking while performing all necessary record keeping functions for both child and day care centers. Click Here for an expanded list of features included in Accounts Receivable Comparison Shopping Guide.

Cost Effective Child Care Software

By incorporating most child and day care centers needs into ONE Accounts Receivable program, it allows any day care center to be able to organize their centers business and simplify their centers operation at the lowest possible initial start-up cost while allowing the center to add other modules as you grow your business.

Child Day Care Center Software Modules

Other center software modules include Food Program Record Keeping Software, Payroll Software, Accounts Payable, Multi-Site Manager and General Ledger as well as a highly rated Day Care Accounting program with its automatic "Time Clock" accounting. There are also special programs available for Corporate Day Care and for Schools and School Districts for their After-School Programs.

By using Office Center's Day Care Accounting program you're simplifying your center's operation. Data only has to be entered once in order to have it used throughout its software modules.

There is no need to buy and have a separate accounting system only to be confused or befuddled about how it works or where and how do you get help when you need it and how much will it cost. All of these concerns are eliminated by our Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support.

Also available are highly sophisticated modules for both Day Care Corporations and those for School Districts for their "After-School" programs.

Corporate Child Day Care Center Software

Corporations have secure, safe command and control features that enable an authorized executive to view any family record at any child care center with simple push button ease. They have the ability to change or set rates at each site, lock down audit dates or verify that each centers data has been backed up at corporate headquarters. All this can be done right from the Directors desk.

This reduces the demands for additional MIS or IT staffing while safely storing corporate data at their Headquarters, avoiding the risk of having it exposed to questionable third party sites.

During the last 15 years, in Head-to-Head comparisons of the Top Four day care software vendors over 9000 day care managers have chosen Office Center Day Care Management Software to manage their centers. Among these users are NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and many entire School Districts in the State of Florida, Texas, California and other states.

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