Office Center Update Information



This update also includes the new Federal tax table changes for the tax year 2023.   New reports in Accounts Receivables.



Windows 11 Support

This update also includes the new Federal tax table changes for the tax year 2021.   Numerous new reports in Receivables.




This update includes the new Federal tax table changes for the tax year 2019.  Tested under Windows 2019 and 2016 Server.  eService feature update to streamline and increase the speed of the transmission of transactions.



This update includes the new Federal tax table changes for the tax year 2018.



This update includes all new state tax table changes for the tax year 2018.   As of January 2nd, 2018 their is no circular E available from the IRS for 2018 federal withholdings.  The IRS recommends that you continue to withhold federal taxes at 2017 rates until they release the new rates.  According to the IRS website, a federal tax table withholding change is supposed to change on February 1st when new federal rates are supposed to take effect.   Anyone who orders the 2018 state tax table updates prior to the release of the new circular e will be notified when the new federal rates are available, and there will be no additional charge for that federal update.


10/12/17   Accounts Receivables

Improvements to the FACTS export routine to simplify the export of parent tuition amounts to the FACTS payment processing system.



The new federal and state tax table changes for the tax year 2017 are included in this update.  The new W-2 changes for 2016 are also included in this update.


Office 2016 Integration & ePay Processing

Office Center is now integrated with Microsoft Office 2016 so that you can send quick emails to a parent or groups of parents from within Office Center.  Includes new tax tables and food program reimbursement rate updates for 2016.  We've also updated our ePay features so that you can process parent payments electronically through Office Center. For more information about ePay, give us a call at (800) 729-4445, or emails us at


Outlook Integration 

Office Center is now integrated with Microsoft Outlook so that you can send quick emails to a parent or groups of parents from within Office Center.  Includes new tax tables and food program reimbursement rate updates for 2014


Windows 7&8 - Full 64 Bit Operating System Support

Office Center is now fully compatible with all the new Windows 8, Windows 7, 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems and it has been upgraded to include full support for all 64 bit Windows and Windows 2008 Server operating systems.   The new version of Office Center is fully compatible with 32 bit Windows XP operating systems as well as older operating systems.  It is specifically designed to run in a mixed operating system environment where some network users may be running newer 64 bit operating systems while other users on the network may be running older 32 bit operating systems.   Office Center has been upgraded with all new internal database management and memory management libraries that are based upon the very efficient and highly portable "C" programming language.  This supercharged upgrade to Office Center typically runs 2 to 5 times faster than previous versions on the exact same hardware.   These advanced new libraries also provide full mousewheel support on print preview windows, ledger cards, timecards and other types of scrollable lists.   New drop-in features allow for on the spot billing for drop-in clients using advanced program billing methods.  New drop down directory selection features have been added to the backup and restore routines to make it easy to select from different flash drives and backup devices.



The new federal and state tax table changes for the tax stimulus program of 2009 are included in this update.  The new W-2 changes for 2009 are also included in this update.


Accounts Receivable

We've improved the reporting capabilities of Office Center by allowing each user to save the sort and filter settings for different reports on a per report and per user basis.  This means that each user of Office Center may select their own favorite sort and filter settings for each report and those sort and filter options will always be used as the default for that report and for that user.  Each report that displays the selection options screen can have it's own unique sort and filter options.  Each user can have their own unique sort and filter settings too, so that different individuals can customize the report options to their own tastes.  On the selection options screen you will now find a new button that says "Save".  If you wish to set a new filter and/or sort option for that report, simply set the options as you want them and press "SAVE" before picking OK to run the report.  The next time you run that report, your personal sort and filter settings and preferences will be displayed automatically.


Accounts Receivable

New key date tracking features and reports have been added to Office Center.  These changes effectively double the number of immunizations that can be tracked in Office Center and provides a new tab full of key dates that can be assigned and tracked on a per child basis.  There are a number of new key date tracking reports under the database reporting options.   


Microsoft Vista

This update includes a new installer so that we can better support our Windows Vista clients and so that we can begin to include our .NET enhancements to Office Center.  There are new eService backup transfer components in this update to help us better serve our clients.

Accounts Receivable

The email fields, and second and third timeclock billing methods are now accessible via the user defined reports.


Corporate Multisite

Their are new email and additional fields added to the Corporate Multisite package which can be selected on user defined reports.


The new federal and state tax table changes for 2008 are included in this update.  The new W-2 changes for 2007 are also included in this update.


Accounts Receivable

The selection option screen now includes a "Print" button to allow you to easily print a list of your clients or children from the "Select Some From A List" screen of Office Center.


General Enhancements for Mixed Network Environments.

This update includes a number of enhancements to the networking features of Office Center to more easily facilitate a mixed network environment of Windows Vista and Windows XP/2000 machines.

Accounts Receivable

The marketing tab of Accounts Receivable now tracks separate email addresses for both parents.

Food Program

The new CACFP eligibility guidelines are included in this update.


Microsoft Vista

This update is primarily geared at providing full Microsoft Vista support in Office Center.  Previous versions of Office Center would not restore data properly on Microsoft Vista from a previous backup.  The update include new restore routines for our backup and restore routines and for our corporate multisite communication routines.  Office Center is now fully Windows Vista compatible.


This update includes minor changes to employee timcards to provide total times in hours and minutes as well as to showing their total times in hours and decimal hours. 



This update includes minor changes to W-2's to allow for multiple #12 withholding categories and includes the new state and local tax tables for 2007. 



We've added advanced timeclock billing methods and changed time editing features in timeclock to allow the user to edit all the times for a day on a singe screen.   The user can also fill it the daily times for a day from a child's normal schedule or from one of the predefined schedules.

Networking and XP Enhancements

All temporary print files are now saved to a temp directory within the OC directory so that Office Center users do not need to be logged into an XP computer as a system administrators of the computer, and/or they do not need to have shared access to the c:/windows/temp folder on the computer hard disk.  This should simplify network setup under Windows XP.    New memory enhancement features have been added to this update to help facilitate our migration to the C# environment and to prepare for a number of new features that will be coming in future updates of Office Center.  These should lead to speed improvements, particularly in some networking environments.


Accounts Receivable

We've added new advanced program billing methods to Accounts Receivables.  These new program billing methods allow us to assign all pre-billing charges,  timeclock fees,  timeclock adjustments, as well as family and group discounts  to a child's program.    Simply by selecting a child's program on the primary enrollment form,  Office Center will now be able to bill all charges related to this family *WITHOUT* setting up any other billing screens.   In other words, just by filling out the first enrollment form, Office Center will be able to do all billing related to that family automatically.  One screen does everything. 


This update includes minor changes to W-2's to allow for multiple #12 withholding categories and includes the new state and local tax tables for 2006. 

Corporate Multisite

We've added a whole new set of reports and features to the corporate Multisite.   We've added new corporate reports for the attendance package allowing us to count half days, full days and quarter days from multiple centers and on multiple contracts at multiple centers.  


Food Program

We've added a new Enrollment Roster report under the Food Program reports so you can list all participating food program children, their respective categories (free/reduced/ect), enrollment and withdraw dates, and extra fields.


This update includes minor changes to W-2's to allow for multiple #12 withholding categories and includes the new state and local tax tables for 2005. 

Standard Multisite

We've added the ability to transfer families from one location to another to the standard version of our multisite package.   You'll find these new transfer features under the FILE menu once you enter Accounts Receivable.  


Attendance Package!

Office Center now sports a new module for our users here in California, and anyone that needs to keep track of attendance records for ANY state.   Office Center now keeps track of attendance, reports excused and unexcused absences, and can compute quarter day, half  day, three quarter day, full day and full day plus calculations based on the child's schedule *AND/OR* their attendance records if you are using our Timeclock package.  Office Center now prints 801-a and 9400 information at both the site level *AND* at the corporate level as a COMBINED total by region and even broken down by contract.  This is a VERY sophisticated attendance package that is designed to produce attendance reports for the State of California, or any other state where calculations by time are required.  Please contact us at (800) 729-4445 for further details.  We will be updating our website shortly.

Corporate Multisite

We've added a whole new set of communication tools to our corporate multisite module that allow the corporate office to centrally manage all accounting and billing information and transmit this back to the sites, while collecting new family information from the sites.  This way the central office can control all aspects of accounting at the individual locations from a central or regional level.   We've also improved the communication processes in general, making it possible to transfer information between the corporate office, regional offices and individual centers with the push of a button, or even automatically while you're sleeping!   We've also integrated it with our new attendance package, making it simple to total state or agency attendance by contract and/or by region.   If you are managing multiple locations and haven't looked at our Corporate Multisite Package recently, give us a call.  We think you'll be VERY impressed.

Accounts Receivable

We've added a new enrollment report under the database reports->Total Enrollment Reports->Count Children By Group.  You can sort this report a variety of ways to count your children by classroom or program or track codes or bus runs, etc, and get all the groups listed and totaled on a single page.  We've also added  new mailing label options.


We've added timing options to allow the timeclock software to better communicate with older keypads on NEW, high speed computers.

Food Program

We've added a new claim for reimbursement report under the Food Program reports so you can combine snacks or get the full detail for each snack individually.  Stay tuned, there are major changes to food program that will be released very shortly.


eServices Updates

We've updated our eServices update process to save the last update on your system so it can be reinstalled again if necessary. We have also added a number of new communication routines to allow us to set up timeclock billing methods via the internet along with a host of other internal changes to the eServices communication processes.


We have modified the student/teacher ratio report, adding classroom capacity and the utilization percentage to this report.  


User Security

When assigning access rights for Office Center users, you can now create user access groups.   To define access groups, go up to the menu and select Options->Access Groups from the Office Center user file.  You can then select a predefined set of access privileges rights for an individual user just by assigning them an access group.  That way you don't need to go through each tab on each new user you add.  You can simply select a predefined access group, and all the security settings for that access group are assigned to that user.  There is also a new user report in the user drawer which prints a list of Office Center users, their status, access group and the last time that user logged on.

Accounts Receivable

We've added a new balance report under the accounting reports->balances reports.  It's called a Full Balance report (Detailed).  Try it.  We think you'll like it.



Emerging Technologies is pleased to offer a new whole level of service and support for our internet connected customers called "eServices".  These internet enabled features will allow Office Center to electronically transmit your backup data to our secure server and Emerging Technologies will ARCHIVE your data for you, remotely and securely.  You'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your data can be recovered in any disaster scenario.  In addition, eServices will keep your Office Center products updated electronically and automatically.  Call us today for details at (800) 729-4445, or contact us at for more information about these exciting new services.

 Direct Integration With Microsoft Excel

If you own Microsoft Excel, you can now export any of the previewed reports to an Excel file.  When on the preview screen, just press the Microsoft Excel icon on the taskbar.  This will open up a Microsoft Excel document in a new window with the columns defined as you see them on the previewed report.  You can then save the document in any format you prefer.  You can now create documents of your own design and export them directly into Microsoft Excel at the touch of a button! 

New Backup Options

The backup and restore routines of Office Center have been upgraded and improved to work directly with other backup devices such as zip disks and USB drives and facilitates scheduled backups over a network.  You can now specify a backup path to use when making backups and are no longer limited to a floppy disk as the ONLY backup location.  You can also use Microsoft scheduler to backup your data files at a time of your choosing.

Corporate Multisite

Office Center can now communicate with any FTP server on the internet, or a wide area network, as a central data tie point for the Corporate Multisite package.  These enhancements completely eliminate the need to install a dedicated server in your corporate office or your district or regional offices.  Office Center can now link directly to an FTP server provided by your web hosting service or any FTP hosting service.  If you prefer, you may enroll in our eServices program and Emerging Technologies will provide your organization with FTP services on our high speed (T1 Line speed) FTP servers.  As part of the FTP hosting package, we will also provide offsite data storage for your corporation, and provide your individual centers and regional offices with all the latest updates automatically.  New updates will automatically be distributed and installed at your centers as they transmit their data.  Improvements to Office Center now make it possible to schedule automated communication events from individual sites to occur through Microsoft's scheduler at any specified interval.  Regional directors and district offices can also have their own copy of the Corporate Multisite on their computer allowing them to collect the data for their individual schools.  Their regional data can be updated automatically through the Microsoft scheduler as well.  In short, we now offer the most comprehensive, easiest to manage, corporate solution for the childcare market today and we've made it EASY to manage many centers from any desk, or any laptop computer!  If you manage more than one location, the Corporate Multisite package makes this process simple, easy and elegant!  Call us today for a free working demonstration and see how easy it is for anyone to manage multiple centers from any location.  You'll simply be amazed at what's available today for corporate childcare!


Letter Merging Enhancements

Office Center now directly integrates with other common word processors, including Microsoft Word when EXPORTING merged letters.  You will still need to create and edit the letters templates in Microsoft Wordpad, but you can now specify a different "output" word processor to use when displaying a merged letter.  This will enable Office Center to produce more sophisticated merge documents and also enable the use of a state of the art spellchecker, grammar checker and thesaurus in the more sophisticated word processors.  You can select a different export word processor from the main menu under System Settings->General System Settings.  This will allow you to use Microsoft Office (Word) or any other word processor as the export editor of choice after the merging process has taken place.


We've added the ability to include billing cycles in the drop off billing features so you can now bill agencies and credit parent accounts all in one operation.  Call us for specific instructions on how to use these new billing features.

Corporate Multisite

We've added new auditing and accounting reports to our corporate Multisite module.  You'll find these new reports under the accounting reports of the Corporate Multisite reports. 



New payroll tax tables reflecting the May 28th 2003 tax changes are included in this update.  Employers should use these new tables as soon as they can work them into their payroll systems, but not later than July 1, 2003.  By the third week of June, employers can expect to find in the mail a printed copy of Publication 15-T containing all the tables.  The new law extended the 10 percent rate to cover the first $7,000 of taxable income for single persons, $14,000 for married couples. It also lowered the tax rates above 15 percent to 25, 28, 33 and 35 percent.  This is a drop of two percentage points for each rate except the top one, which went down 3.6 points.  The new law also raised the standard deduction for married couples to $9,500 and extended their 15 percent tax rate to $56,800 of taxable income.  Each figure is double the number for single taxpayers.  The changes reduce the "marriage penalty" - the difference between the tax couples pay and the amount they would have paid as two single persons. 


Letter Merging

Office Center now directly integrates with Microsoft Wordpad, allowing you to create all kinds of custom forms and letters and automatically merge information from the Office Center program.  You can send a single letter to one family, or letters to many families, vendors, employees or centers at once.  Wordpad is included with all versions of windows from Windows 95 up to and including Windows XP.  No additional word processor is required to enjoy the benefits of these powerful letter merging features.

Accounts Receivables

If you are using the beginning and ending dates on the families billing schedules, you can now run a regular billing forecast for a specific date.  When you run a billing cycle forecast or a forecast by customer, the program will now ask you for a specific date and default to today's date.  You can also set a future or past date if you prefer.  Office Center will determine if this date falls within the date range you've specified on each family's billing item.


Food Program

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our Food Program module.  This update includes our head counting features, automatic computation of CACFP eligibility by income and family size, and a host of reports to produce month end meal reimbursement reports.  Food program directly integrates with the accounts receivable and timeclock modules.  You can schedule children's meals for the month based upon children's schedules automatically.  You can adjust daily meal totals by timeclock attendance at the end of the day in just seconds!  See at a glance the number of meals served to each child in any month.   Best of all, it's VERY easy to use.


Corporate Multisite

We added new FTP communication routines for passive ftp servers.  We've also modified the transfer routines to move accounts between sites in the corporate multisite module to include new fields added to the system since these routines were first written.  You will want to reindex the databases of each site after installing this update to take advantage of these enhancements.   To reindex a site's data set, select that site from the multisite module, return the main menu, and go to the help menu, select technical support and select "repair all databases".  You'll want to repeat that process for each of your sites.

Accounts Receivable

You can now review historical enrollment totals if you have been using the enrollment and withdraw dates properly in Office Center without using our timeclock module.  You'll find a new report under the database reports called the Historical Enrollment Report (Print->Database Reports->Historical Enrollment Report).  This report will allow you to look at your active enrollment between a specified date range.  Just enter the date range you wish to review in the enrollment dates.  If you wish to see active enrollment on a single specific date, just enter that same date in both enrollment date fields.


If you are using the "smart keypad" hardware option for timeclock, parents can now check in additional siblings without first clocking out the first child that was checked in.  The Timeclock program can now print check in receipts as well as check out receipts as parents clock in and out.  You can choose these features under the System Settings->General System settings options in Timeclock.  We've added a new report under the timeclock attendance reports called the "daily attended hours summary".  This report will tell you how many children you had at each 15 minute period of the day for any day you wish to review.


 General Enhancements

Additional memory management routines have been added to improve Office Center's performance under Windows XP and Windows 2000.  The Timeclock program has also been updated with these same enhancements.

Accounts Receivable Enhancements

An additional export routine has been added to export a full Charge/Credit Summary to a file.  We've also added a new report under the accounting reports to print out your "Current Fee Schedules" from your charge credit descriptions.

Payroll Enhancements

New W-2 and W-3 enhancements have been added for various withholding options and alignment adjustments.

 General Ledger Enhancements

Changes were made to the Multisite and Corporate Multisite versions of General Ledger to automatically re-close months when running balance statements or income statements.  This simplifies the reporting process when Accounts Receivable data is being modified at various site locations but the rest of the accounting is being done at the corporate office.


General Enhancements

New routines to test the security settings under XP and Windows 2000 have been added to ensure that Office Center users have been granted the appropriate level of data access to the directories associated with Office Center. 

General Ledger Enhancements

An additional, more standard "balance sheet" was added to General Ledger that does not report income or expense accounts, but totals the difference between these two categories as profit or loss. New fiscal year routines were added to allow for non calendar "months" in General Ledger.


General Enhancements

Additional enhancements to checkbook reconciliation were added to separate NSF checks as a separate line item in the report.  New "Registration Billing" routines were added to Account Receivable  under the "Billing" menu item.  This allows users of program billing features to post different registration fees to families based on the number of children in the family.  The selection screen will also allow you to pick and choose which families to apply the registration fees too.

 Cash drawer setup options were added separate from the timeclock settings to allow for simultaneous use of timeclock and a cash drawer.  You can set the serial port setting of the cash drawer now under Program Options ->Report Options in the Receivables module.

The corporate multisite module can also be forced to total the number of children in each site even if you are not using the communications options of the Corporate Package.  You can set up a scheduled event to total all the sites by setting up a shortcut to office center that adds the word "total" to the target of the Office Center shortcut.  For example, you can cut and paste the shortcut you use to run Office Center on your desktop and rename it "Totals".  Then change the target under the properties option and add " total" after the ocw.exe in the target.  I.E. the target should now read "c:\oc\ocw.exe total" (Don't forget the space between the .exe and the word "total".  This will force Office Center to total data for each site, even if you aren't using the communication options to transfer data to and from a remote location.  You can then put this icon in the scheduler and have it run each night at say 2:00AM when nobody is using the computer.


General Enhancements

The primary focus of this update is to introduce checkbook reconciliation features into the general ledger program and to optimize Office Center's memory usage for Windows XP and Windows 2000 platforms.  If you were experiencing occasional "low memory" errors under Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT, this update should correct this problem without the need to "tweak" or change any of the default operating system settings, and performs more reliably under various networking configurations and security settings.  Please note that if you had previously set Office Center to run in a separate memory space or a compatibility mode, these options should probably be unselected now after installing this update.  Be sure you have downloaded and installed all critical and recommended patches for Windows 2000 from Microsoft as well.  The program should also perform a little faster under all windows platforms.  We have also configured the Timeclock program for the newer and faster microprocessors when using the smart keypad option and optimized it for XP/W2K/NT. 


We have improved our advanced program billing features and adjustment methods for handling more complex billing billing scenarios involving timeclock adjustments with prebilling requirements.  This allows us to combine MULTIPLE prebilling items and MULTIPLE timeclock adjustment methods and associate all these billing methodologies with a single program.  These enhancements also work with future schedules enabling you to schedule changes to a child's billing in advance simply by setting a new program on the future schedule tab and picking the day you wish the child to change billing methods (for instance their birthday).  If you believe these new billing methods would be useful to you, please contact us for further details.  User defined reports now allow you to print the full list of source names rather than the letter designations.

Accounts Payable

This update now includes the ability to print statements for vendors in accounts payable.  Just press the statement button on the vendor ledger card and select the date range you are interested in. 


This update includes the new W-2 and W-3 changes implemented in the 2001 tax forms.  There are new tax tables for a number of states you should also download and install from our website.  Tax table updates are not including in this update.

General Ledger

New checkbook reconciliation features are included in this update.  In the general ledger module, you will now see a new icon on the toolbar that looks like a check with a pencil.  Press this icon to select the checkbook reconciliation features.  You will then be prompted to select which bank account you would like to reconcile, a date range you are interested in, and whether you would like to total the Accounts Receivables deposits by post date (default setting) or by deposit date.  If you are not using the current deposit report in Receivables, do not check the box to total by deposit date.  You may double click on individual check items that are listed to unselect and reselect items to be included in the account totals.  Office Center will also allow you to plug in your bank statement balance and will display any discrepancy between the two totals automatically.  You can now print this report based on the checks that have actually cleared your bank account.

Time clock

We've also optimized the memory usage of our Timeclock program for Windows XP and Windows 2000 as well.  The group Check In and Check Out features have been optimized for speed on the newer operating systems and should complete much more quickly under the XP/W2K/NT platforms than previous versions.  If you run both the Timeclock program and the main Office Center program on a single computer using the timeclock companion card or the smart keypad option, you should see greater overall reliability under Windows 2000K and Windows XP.  We have also upgraded timeclock to work with the faster microprocessors when utilizing the smart keypad options and leaving messages to parents.


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