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Current Office Center For Windows Update: 01/03/17


Office Center is currently compatible with all Windows 7 ,8 & 10, 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems and has been upgraded to include full support for all the different 64 bit Windows 10, Windows 8 and 2012 Server operating systems.    This update also fully supports older versions of Windows operating systems like Vista and Windows 2008 Server.  The newest update includes payroll tax table changes and food program reimbursement rates for 2017, including changes to the Social Security tax rates for employees in 2017.  Office Center now interfaces with Microsoft Outlook so you can email clients from within Office Center and send bulk emails through Office Center.  The new version of Office Center is fully downward compatible with 32 bit Windows Vista operating systems as well as older operating systems.  It is specifically designed to run in a mixed network environment where some network users may be running newer 64 bit operating systems while other users on the network may be running older 32 bit operating systems.   Office Center has been upgraded with all new internal database management and memory management libraries that are based upon the highly efficient "C" programming language.   This supercharged version of Office Center typically runs 2 to 5 times faster than previous versions of Office Center on the same hardware.   These new and improved libraries also provide full mouse-wheel support on all print preview windows, ledger cards, timecards and other types of scrollable lists.   New drop-in features allow for on the spot billing for drop-in clients using advanced program billing methods.   New pull down selection options for backup and restore functions are included in this update.     Accounts Receivable reports have also been updated to all each user to save their preferred sort and filter options on each of the sorted reports.   This update also includes advanced program billing features and corporate reports for our new Attendance Module, and timeclock input screens for an entire day, rather than a single entry. We've enhanced the corporate communication features and have added new reports and updates for the timeclock module to work better with older keypads and newer PC's. It also includes the ability to open any previewed Office Center report in Microsoft Excel (including Office 2016) with the touch of a button, new "eServices" options, flexible new Corporate Multisite communication tools, state of the art letter merging tools that allow Office Center to merge information directly into Microsoft Word or the word processor of your choice and new backup options. This update also includes new Corporate Multisite reports, new timeclock billing features, user access groups, enhancements to our new food program module, new reports, updates to W-3 forms, checkbook reconciliation routines allowing you to total deposits by post date or by deposit date. The list is virtually endless.

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