Childcare Business Management Software

Childcare business management software by Emerging Technologies: Office Center is the childcare software choice of over 9000 childcare management professionals to handle the management of extensive childcare billing, scheduling, record keeping, and accounting needs in a corporate environment.

Childcare business software should be viewed simply as a Tool to be used to help organize & manage your childcare center that will make your life simpler, easier and less stressful!

It should also save you both time and money.

It MUST be Easy to Use!

Does the childcare software program follow the Windows design standards set by Microsoft or does it have a unique and more confusing look and feel? Most people are already familiar with the existing Microsoft Windows design & will find any similar software program easier to learn. It will also be easier to teach it to an assistant.

What is Ease of use?

Ease of use can be determined by how many steps you must do in order to complete your work! Comparing Ease of Use from one software program to another can be simplified by counting the number of Screens that you must first Open, then Close and counting the number of mouse clicks required as you enter the Enrollment or Registration data for a family of four into Each software vendors program. Multiply this figure by the number of families enrolled at your center and you will soon see how much work it will be to use this software vendors program. This process can be summarized simply as:

"Count the clicks and count the screens - You'll soon see what Easy means."

Childcare Business Management Software for all Child and Day Care Providers

Whether you have a home or family day care, a small childcare center, a larger childcare center, own multiple centers, or are a Corporation with numerous childcare centers in different regions, Office Center has very flexible childcare management solutions to fit your individual needs, all at a very affordable prices.

Child Care Business Management Software Program

The Office Center childcare management software is designed in a Value Modular Pricing format that combines modules and features that other vendors separate & price individually .This will allow a LOWER initial Start-Up price! This will enable you to purchase only those modules that you feel are needed to assist you in automating your child care center -- without the expense and confusion of unused software. As your center grows, other software modules can be easily added to further simplify your child care operations. The ability to add other child care software modules, if and when you want or need to, provides you with the flexibility to make good choices for your business. Office Center Child Care Management Software starts with the organization of your child care center by providing specific management AND accounting features that specifically pertain to the child care profession. In addition to Accounts Receivable Value Module, other modules available include Food Program, Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Time Clock Accounting, Multi-Site Manager and highly sophisticated individual programs for both Child Care Corporations and School Districts for their After School Programs.

Click Here for a Child Care Business Software Comparison Chart for some of the features included in Accounts Receivables.

Office Center was created and designed for the "end user", that means you! Similar to a Microsoft design, you will already feel comfortable using Office Center Child Care Center Management Software. Unlike other child care software programs that may have a very unique, and sometimes confusing, look and feel, with Office Center you will never have to memorize an entire series of steps that must be done in a particular order to get your work done. In the layout of Office Center, we have streamlined functionality! It will no longer be necessary to wade through an endless number of screens, opening and closing them with numerous mouse clicks! Office Center lets you skip around in the entire program with open forms. We refer to this as "Skipping with Open Forms". You will get your work done easily and faster! Office Center is so friendly, it even talks to you!

Who uses Office Center?

Presently, Office Center is operating in individual child care environments, church and temple-based child care, Montessori and private schools, hospitals, gymnastic centers, child care corporations, military environments, and entire school districts.

Customer Service

Not only will you get an exceptional child care business management software program, you will also receive excellent customer service, too! Our philosophy at Emerging Technologies has always been to give honest-to-goodness FREE customer service on our toll-free number. This means Unlimited FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. We value customer satisfaction so much, we have an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee policy -- like no other company in the business! When you have a question or need technical assistance, our staff will be there to assist you. When you buy Office Center, you don't just get a great product, you get a company that works with you to help you set up your program and answer your questions.


Get a free CD demo of Office Center right now. You can use the sample data to try it out for yourself, or input data from your own childcare center. You can run one of our hundreds of built-in reports, or create your own. You can even export to Microsoft Excel or Word with pushbutton ease! Your sales representative will be happy to walk you through the demo to answer your questions and demonstrate the many features included in Office Center Childcare Management Software so you don't overlook important items.

May we send you a Free Demo of Office Center Child Care Management software that we guarantee will make your life simpler, easier and less stressful?

P.S. It will also save you time and money!

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