Emerging Technologies once again establishes a whole new level of Service and Support for our internet connected customer called "eServices." These internet-enabled features will allow Office Center's child care center clients to electronically transmit their center's data to our secure server at the touch of a button for secure, off-site data storage. If you prefer, you may even schedule this data transfer to occur at the time of your choosing, and Emerging Technologies will automatically store, or archive, this data for you, off-site and secure as recommended by security professionals.

You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your important center data can be restored in the event of any disaster scenario. In addition to backup protection, eServices will keep your Office Center software updated electronically and automatically. Call for details at 800-729-4445 or contact us by e-mail for more information about these exciting new services at

eService Automatic Updates

With eServices, you will get unlimited updates for only $150 per year. The current price is $75 per upgrade. This way, you will receive all current updates for Office Center with new features, enhancements, and technical upgrades - online, delivered automatically to your computer. It is quick and easy.

View latest update information here.

Automatic Updates: $150 annually per center.

eServices Data Backup and Archiving

Over the years, we have discovered that although our customers make every effort to make daily backups of their child care center's information, something unexpected can happen. Archiving your center's data off site to Emerging Technologies is like having a safe house for your business records. With our direct communication link, your data will by automatically transmitted and confidentially and securely stored off site for your safekeeping! It frees you from worries about computer hard drive failures, fire and water damage emergencies, stolen computer equipment, and vandalism.

Data BackUp and Archiving:: $100/year per center.

Yearly Updates and Data Archiving Value Price: $225/year (saves $25).

eServices Pricing and Ordering:

Automatic Updates      $150.00  
Data Archiving   $100.00  
Both Services   $225.00  
ePay EFT Payments   $15 mo. + .30 per transaction  

ePay, EFT Payments

ePay will allow you to Get Paid, On Time, Every Time, Automatically!   Call us today for details.

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